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Acer Inc., the Taiwanese multinational has providing efficient and competent computing solutions to its users since past four decades. Acer is among the top five computer manufacturers in the world and it is known for the quality of its products and their competitive pricing. Acer computers and laptops have a cutting edge in technology and the company passes them though stringent quality tests to ensure reliability of the hardware. However, technical issues like driver problems, firmware troubles, software glitches and problems related to setting mismanagement can still arise in Acer laptops and computers too. If you have been facing any such problem and require technical assistance, then immediately dial the Acer Computer Helpline Number. We provide dedicated 24 x 7 technical support all across Australia for dealing with such issues instantly.
Our experts will immediately help you in dealing with such problems through sophisticated phone support service or via remote access of your device so that you can resume your work without any further delay.

Common Technical Issues

  • System not able to boot up.
  • Facing problems in setting up system restore point.
  • Acer laptop working really slow and getting unresponsive frequently.
  • Acer laptop taking too long in startup and shut down.
  • Facing problems in connecting your Acer system with the network.
  • Not able to install third party applications on your Acer System.
  • Facing driver related issues in your system.
  • BIOS problems creating trouble in using the Acer laptop.
  • System abruptly shutting down causing unsaved data loss.
  • Getting frequent bombardment of exception errors which hamper work.
  • Facing Blue Screen of Death error frequently and system shutting down.
  • Facing problems in installing antivirus product or setting up firewall.
  • Facing audio video related issues in your Acer laptop.
  • System screen flickering continuously causing working issues.
  • Other issues related to troubleshooting problems in Acer laptop or computer.

However, the list of problems mentioned above is not exhaustive and even if you not able to locate the exact problem encountered by you here, then also do not hesitate give us a call as our experts can resolve most of the technical issues faced by you in using your Acer laptop or PC. Just call our Toll Free No. 1-800-875-393 and our experts will attend the problems faced by you immediately. Your satisfaction is always our top priority.

Services Offered by our experts

  • Help in booting the system properly.
  • Assistance in setting up of system restore point for easy system recovery.
  • Help in resolving slow system functioning issues and unresponsiveness problems.
  • Technical support for resolving slow startup and shut down issues.
  • Help in connecting your Acer laptop to the network.
  • Support in installing third party applications properly.
  • Resolution of all driver related issues in your Acer laptop.
  • Help in solving BIOS setup related problems in your Acer laptop.
  • Technical assistance in case your system is shutting down abruptly causing loss of unsaved data.
  • Assistance in resolving frequent exception and fatal errors coming to the screen.
  • Resolution of Blue Screen of Death error.
  • Help in installing antivirus product or firewall.
  • Help in dealing with audio video problems in your Acer system.
  • Assistance in dealing with flickering screen issues in acer laptop.
  • Help in troubleshooting other problems in Acer laptop or computer.

Call us for Instant Technical Support

We are available round the clock to assist you 365 days a year. If you are facing any such technical issue, then immediately pick up the phone and dial our Toll Free No. 1-800-875-393 and talk to the experts. You can also write to us at and our experts will immediately get back to you.