Create New Outlook Account within Few Steps

10 Aug 2017

Having an Email account has become prominent for any official person as this is the most commonly used medium for sending and receiving official messages. If you too are planning to create a new email account then go for Outlook has spread its wings in the corporate world in last few years. Most of the business officials and service men use Outlook account to communicate with others.

You can set up a new Outlook account easily by following some easy steps. In Outlook you will get an email address as well as unlimited storage and POP access. Now let us learn how you can create an account:

1. Visit Microsoft Sign up page

2. Enter your First name and Last Name under Name.
3. Select your Birth date.
4. Then choose your Gender.
5. Click Or get a new email address under Microsoft Account Name.
6. Now Enter your desired username (e.g.
7. Then type your desired password under Create a Password. (Note: it is suggested that you should create a strong password with at least 8 characters to prevent your account from cyber threat)
8. Then again type your password under Reenter password.
9. Now you need to choose one or more means to recover your account. (We choose it so that you can recover your account if in case it get compromised in the future or you forgot your password)
    • Enter your Phone Number.
    • Type alternative email address.
    • Set up security question and answer.
10. Select your location (Country/state).
11. Enter your character from the CAPTCHA. (This help us to make sure that you are not a robot)
12. Lastly, click Accept.

Now you can access your outlook account on the web or set it up for access in email program on computer or mobile. You can even consult email experts at Outlook Support Number if you are having any other question to ask.