How Can User do Formatting of Fonts and Colors in Gmail Account

08 Aug 2017

The level of communication has definitely taken a leap and with that lots of new features have also been included. Out of several modes of communication, a modern form of channel has also evolved. This is known as Gmail Account. Amongst other channels of email platform users find it very easy to execute work adopting Gmail. None of the tools, features are difficult to understand or operate at the later stages. Having said this, one need to make sure that complete elements and other features are well-known and then only pristine form of work can be carried out in most accurate manner.

Many times, one has witnessed that user of a Gmail Account is lacking knowledge in formatting of Email and altering default form of text style. This is where a user is supposed to call at Gmail Support Number and make sure that everything is carried out in a proper order.

Let’s first gain information about Formatting Email: -
• The user first of all need to open Gmail Account.
• Then he or she need to Click on Compose button. It will make sure that dialog box, through which mail can be sent to another person is carried out properly.
• In this dialog box, user need to look at bottom of message and over here user is supposed to Click the Formatting Options.

Altering of Default text style is not tough and it will definitely change overall appearance.
• The user need to first of all make sure that user has opened Gmail.
• Then user need to go towards right side of screen and Click Settings.
• Now user can easily Click on Settings and then make necessary form of changes.
• Now user is supposed to scroll down the “Default text style” section.
• Now change the text in the box and one can alter the style of email one actually wants.
• Now the user need to make sure that account holder of Gmail Account at once Click Save Changes.

The above-mentioned steps are the correct way of making sure that user can not only make necessary form of changes and improve their work. On the other hand, calling at Gmail Help Desk Number is the best ways of making sure authentic form of technical solutions are derived.