How Hotmail and Outlook are
different from Each Other?

17 November 2017

Emails have become an important day to day routine for so many people. And when we think of an email client, hotmail and Outlook always strikes to the mind. Hotmail and Outlook both are launched by Microsoft. Basically Outlook is the new version of email server as compared to Hotmail. On the one hand Hotmail is just the domain name owned by Microsoft, whereas on the other hand Outlook is the domain name as well as the desktop email client. You can learn more about Hotmail and Outlook from our executives at Hotmail Support Number. Let us learn more about Hotmail and Outlook.


Hotmail is the free web mail service launched by Microsoft on 4th July 1996. It has integrated calendar, Skype, One Drive and Ajax. You can easily customize your inbox, calendar, imported dates and events. In fact you can create folders to organize incoming and outgoing data. Hotmail gets easily integrated with Microsoft Office, you can easily edit or save Word, Excel or PowerPoint file directly into the inbox. Edit and saved files can be downloaded later on. One Drive integration provides the use with 15 GB cloud storage for free. You can use the space to store images, documents and videos. You can customize this email service as per your desire; this lets you have complete control over your inbox. Additionally, you can also import Gmail contacts and messages to Hotmail. All this makes Hotmail, people’s favorite but it has various limitations and drawbacks too. Hotmail comes with limited storage and it doesn’t scan advertising information like other email services. From year 2013 Hotmail was replaced by You can interchange Hotmail address with


Microsoft Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office suite. It used for emails as well as for managing personal information. You can store, send or receive mails through this mail service. It can be used as an exchange server that enables multiple users and its additional software lets you integrate it with mobile device such as Blackberry. Outlook is supported by various devices from PDA’s to Smartphone in one way or the other. Even third party is also able to support Outlook. Its calendar feature helps you keep appointment, sync with other Outlook users and plan meetings. Even you can use its audible alarm feature to remember important tasks. You can save contact details and emails address in the contacts. You can set different criteria to save messages into folder; even you can tag different color of flags on the messages as a reminder. These flagged messages are easy to locate. There is a voting button that can be used as response to an email. If you want you can integrate Microsoft SharePoint to receive notification and to change content on email on share point. In addition, Outlook support several email accounts including protocol such as POP3 and IMAP. Not only this, it also features various security tools like spam mail filter, blocking content like web bugs, content from foreign sites etc.

Outlook V/S Hotmail

• Outlook is the newer version of Hotmail, whereas Hotmail is the older version of Outlook.
• Both are the domain names of the Microsoft.
• Hotmail was originally founded by Mr. Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith and later taken over by Microsoft. On the other hand Outlook was Microsoft Crop’s original email client server.
• Hotmail is only a domain name but Outlook can work as a standalone application or a Microsoft exchange server.
• Hotmail functions as a webmail client and Outlook functions as a desktop email client.

Both these email clients are quite similar but as Outlook is the latest version, it comes with more advanced features. This is the reason that more and more Hotmail users are planning to switch over to Outlook. If you too want to switch to Outlook from Hotmail then you can, but you will need to take assistance from professionals by dialing our Outlook Support Number Aus.