How to Configure Gmail Account
in a Systematic Manner?

22 Aug 2017

Whenever the name of email platform is discussed then automatically name of Gmail Account comes in mind. In today’s time period, communication through Email platform is very important. Many people even now are not having complete knowledge about working and smooth efficiency of email platform. of configuring Gmail Account: -

Step -1 Go to Google: - First of all the user need to open the internet browser and visit Google Home page. Then user is supposed to Click on Gmail, which is located at the top right-hand side of the screen.

Step- 2 Create the Account: - In this particular category, all those users who are not having relevant account are supposed to create first. Then only relevant form of activity will be progressed ahead. So, the user need to Click on Create an Account.

Step- 3 Set-up: - At this particular step, the user is supposed to make sure all necessary form of information is available. This is why Google ask for certain set of questions like – first and last name. The username should be not just unique but available as well. In the common language, Google should not be having that username in advance. Well for this, it searches its own databases and if present, then user is supposed to look for another username along with remainder of the information.

The overall objective of Google is not to create any form of confusion or chaos. So, automatically lots of suggestions are being advised and supports the user in picking the right or appropriate form of email address. It is done for making sure correct and precise form of Email Address is finally generated.

Once the Email Address is created, then question about creation of unique password is also necessary. Well, over here Google also helps in the creation of tough password for others. This way none of the attempts of scrupulous person gets success. No wonder using of letters and numbers to strengthen password of the concerned user. One can also include current form of email address to make sure new email is considered to be well – secure.

Step 4 Verification: - The user is advised to first of all Click on dialog box stating Terms and Conditions and then Click on I Agree. Now Google will ask you to verify the account through Text or Voice Call system. Well, based on preferred choice relevant form of option is selected and Clicking on Continue dialog box is selected.

Step 5 Google mail dashboard: - Once, the above steps or procedures are completed user is automatically directed towards Gmail platform. On the left-hand side, user will see your inbox, sent mail and trash. Now the user will be able to compose brand new form of email from this platform too.

Step 6 Finishing of Set-Up: - The user can finish of the relevant form of set-up from the available sources present on dashboard. On the contrary side, user is always free to call at Gmail Helpline Number Australia and the necessary form of work and information will be transferred in a correct and precise manner.

All the above-mentioned steps are the best way of making sure none of the steps or procedures are ruled by other factors. Once, user completely follows all the steps in a systematic manner, then automatically creation of Gmail Account turns out to be very easy.