Telstra Webmail: Simplified Ways to Set-Up Mail in Windows 10

24 July 2017

If one needs to make sure that growth and rise of communication process takes place. While doing things one has to be very particular about making sure all the steps are carried out in a prescribed form. Till correct set of patterns are not laid out, forget about adhering to specific procedure. Taking about email platform Telstra Webmail has really evolved and made sure that every user is not bombarded with all sorts of technical errors or problems. Telstra is contributing in every way, just to make sure user is not getting entangled into modern lifestyle and there is a proper sync. No wonder, lot of development is taking place and new features are being added to simplify each and every step.

If anyone is finding himself or herself in a preposterous situation, where nothing seems to be in right order and user just need to call Telstra email support number and make sure that work is carried out in a proper order. So, let’s figure out a simple procedure of setting up Telstra Mail on Windows 10:-

Automatic Set-up:-

Step -1 If the user wants to make addition of email account with Windows Mail. Then first of make discreet selection by going to “Settings”
Step – 2 Now just select “Manage Accounts” then user is supposed to “Add Account” in which user is interested.
Step – 3 Now user is supposed to make selection of Other Account (POP, IMAP)
Step – 4 At this stage, relevant user inputs your email address along with password, then Select Sign-in
Step – 5 once the email account has been set-up in a precise manner, then user is supposed to Click on dialog box saying Done.
If Telstra webmail login support number the user later on wants to make certain alterations or Modify Settings, then following set of steps are to be followed: -

Step – 1 Well, to make sure the user is able to make precise alterations in the Email Account attached with Windows Mail the user is supposed to first of all select “Settings” .
Step – 2 in this stage or level, user is supposed to Select option “Manage Accounts” and later on make final selection of the desired form of account. Well, to make sure a nice method of opening is also use, user is supposed to go to “Account Settings” section category.
Step – 3 Now "the user is supposed to select “Change mailbox Sync”. It is basically done to make sure correct update is being done and syncing options do not create any problems. Once, this work is completed, user is supposed to Select Done and then finally return to Account Settings.
Step – 4 Then user is supposed to select Advanced Mailbox Settings for making sure updates in reference to incoming and outgoing mail server details are received correctly.
Step – 5 Now the series of following information is entered –
Incoming email server -
Outgoing (SMTP) email server -
Outgoing server requires authentication - (ticked)
Use the same username and password for sending email - (ticked)
Require SSL for incoming email - (ticked)
Require SSL for outgoing email - (ticked)
Step – 6 Once all the above-mentioned steps are carried out in a proper way user is supposed to Click Done. If more knowledge related to this is supposed to be gained, then user should at once call webmail Telstra support number and make sure professionals are resolving technical issues arising in the following Telstra Webmail.

The above sets of instructions are the correct procedure of making sure setting up of Telstra Webmail is not an uphill task and remainder of work can be carried out easily.