Canon Printer Error Codes with Their Remedy

20 November 2017

Canon printers have always been in demand from so many years just because people trust the brand for its quality and durability. No doubt that Canon works really hard to give its user the best experience for printing; they pass their printer after a hard test. You will hardly find any manufacturing error in these printers but apart from manufacturing fault there are several technical issues associated with Canon printers. Some problems users are able to resolve themselves but some critical issues need proper assistance that you can get from professional technicians at our Contact Number for Canon Printer.

The basic problems with printers are error codes. Whenever you receive an error code either your printer stops working all together or it diminishes the quality of print. There are various toll free numbers online which resolves these error codes and among all numbers the best is +44-8081012159 for UK. Error codes are unique combination of numbers and alphabets that are displayed on your computer screen when your printer faces any specific issue. Most of the error codes are result of incorrect or invalid parameter request by the user or you receive a printer error when any of its hardware stop working or any of the printer supply is about to finish.

Let us discuss some common Canon Printer error codes:

Error Code- 2, 140, 21

You come across this error when you try to scan from your Canon Multifunctional printer on a Mac.

• Turn off the device and click on the apple icon from the top left.
• Click System preference and then go to Print & Fax.
• Click any instances of the Printer & scanner in the list and then click – button to remove them.
• Then go to main hard drive.
• Navigate to /Library/Image Capture/Devices and remove all files named after the scanner.
• Navigate to /Library/Image Capture/TWAIN Data Sources and remove all files named after the scanner.
• Once you are done, you can reinstall the device from the install disc or you can install the driver from Canon’s website.

Error Code- 6C10

You need to reset the waste ink absorber of your Canon Printer to resolve this error.

• Turn of your printer and press and hold the resume button.
• Along with it, hold down the power button. The green light will start flashing.
• Keep the power button help on and release the resume button and press it twice. This will make light go amber and then green again.
• Now you can release the power button.
• Then press the resume button 4 times and then press the power button to confirm the action.
• Turn off the printer and then turn it on again.

Error Code- 6A80

When you receive this error you won’t be able to print.

• Switch off the printer.
• Then hold down the following buttons for 10 seconds in sequence.
    Black Photocopy button
    Red Cancel button
    Ok button
    On/ Off button
• Release only On/Off button.
• Once your printer turns on, you can release all buttons.

Error Code- B200

The cause of this error could be the clogged print head. You can run several cleaning cycle of your printer to resolve the issue, but in case if that doesn’t work then try the following method:
• With your printer on, open your printer cover and wait for the cartridge to appear.
• Then unplug the printer and gain access to the cartridge to remove them.
• Try cleaning the print head with a damp cloth or ear bud.
• Also clean all the contacts on the cartridge and the cartridge slot.
• Wait for 5 min and then insert the cartridge back in.

Error Code- 6500

When error 6500 takes place your printer stop working:

• Turn of the printer and unplug the power cord from the power supply.
• Then plug the machine back in and turn it on.

Hopefully this will resolve the error.

We have just merged up few error codes in this blog, but apart from these there are many more error codes. If you need help to resolve any error then you can dial Canon Printer Support Number 8081012159 UK and ask for assistance from printer masters.