How do I fix a B200 error on my Canon printer?

27 March 2018

The user’s selection of Canon printer over the different brands like – HP, Lexmark, Epson, Brother etc. Well, still one does not have any problem related to the right way of getting a printout. It is simply because of smart and quality form of components fitted inside the printer. Well, if the user is not able to conduct relevant work because of the surfacing of B200 error. Then the user should follow steps mentioned below: -

Troubleshooting 4 + Cartridge Printer in Canon Printer: -

1. The user, first of all, has to open the top cover of your printer. Then automatically cradle will rise up. Now, just remove the cartridge from the relevant cradle.

2. Now, remove the printhead which can be easily executed by lifting the lever. It is located just next to Cartridge Cradle. Once, the print head is lifted, then just remove the printhead from the relevant printer.

3. Now just re-insert the printer correctly back into the printer and then finally lock the lever in a right and prescribed manner.

4. At this stage, re-start all the cartridges in their right position inside the printer. Also, make sure of shutting down all the doors and now the printer is completely ready with the access to the cartridges and printhead.

5. At this stage, make sure of unplugging the printer chord from the electricity board and leave it unplugged it for a minimum of 5 minutes. At this stage, cooling of the printer will take place and continuous form of electrical energy will also be removed.

6. In the last stage, the user needs to re-plug the printer.

Troubleshooting 2 + Cartridge Printer in Canon Printer: -

1. First of all, the user needs to switch off the printer. The Cartridge Cradle gets stuck because of occurrence of B200 Error.

2. Now, just turn ON the printer again.

3. The display of B200 Error does not actually indicate the problematic form of the cartridge. So, the user needs to recollect that which particular cartridge was replaced last. Then subsequently replace the cartridge gently from the slot.

4. In this model of printer printhead is a component of the Cartridge. In this model, user will have to replace the problematic form of cartridge either with correct one or a brand new one.

5. one the relevant form of a cartridge is replaced the user has to thoroughly examine the cleaning of nozzle or cleaning procedure. Well, now precise way of inspection of correct working of the cartridge is also displayed.

6. If still, the problem is existing then the user should not be confused about either replacing it or correcting it. As there are only 2 – cartridges are present then making a conclusive form of decision is not hard to achieve.

7. if following the above-mentioned step is not displaying quality results. Then user just has to make sure that user is communicating with the experts. The professionals will make sure problem will be clarified or sorted out.

The understanding of different types of models only through reliable source is said to be effective. It is at this juncture that guidance provided by Canon Technical Helpline UK.