Need Assistance For Changing Your Mobile Number in Hotmail?

22 December 2017

Hotmail, though not new, is considered to be constant service adopted by most people across the UK. Mailing is the only option before we have introduced with Whtsapp, Facebook, Instagram and is still the most used platform when anyone connects to its surroundings securely. Despite all this, at times it will become a matter of concern for its users when they are opposed by some technical faults in it. But you can hire a well qualified team at Hotmail Technical Support Number UK for resolutions against Hotmail issues.

Sometimes, people mistaken the security services Hotmail provides. When we talk about Mobile numbers, they are individually must be a security component in any Hotmail account. No one knows how to manage these important things to keep them secure and out of the need of surroundings. With the increasing hacking incidents over the world, it is important to tight up the security so that hackers don’t get to the way to your personal information.

Another issue that the people have come up with is that the security codes related to their account are sent to the phone number they don’t have now. It is important to keep updating your personal information time to time. In this blog, we are going discuss what steps should be taken in this case. What you can do is that you can change the information you have provided previously and update it. Just follow the below given steps to accomplish this task:

• Log in to your Hotmail account and click on your display name available in the upper right corner.
• Then Go to the Account settings.
• For changing Security, click to Manage advanced security.
• There comes a verification step that will be fulfilled with the code sent to one of your previously configured alternate addresses or phone numbers. This is actually the most needed step to prevent hackers that have gained access to your password.

But if you don’t left with the alternate phone number or email, you have provided at the time of activation. Then it becomes difficult to change your password now. Therefore, it is suggested that you should update your personal information time to time. Let us consider the steps against your lost information or when you don’t have alternatives:

• You need to choose for “I don’t have any of these”.
• The screen will be seen with some other message, there click Next.
• If you don’t possess that phone number or email, you have provide while activating the product, you need to assume that you don’t have a recovery code and therefore, Click No.
• There, you can add a phone number or an alternate email address for later security.
• Input the phone number or email address you select and then click Next.
• After that input the code that was sent to your newly chosen phone or alternate email, and then again click Next.

Keep in mind that you are allowed to make security related changes only after the 30 days that are needed to update your newly input phone number or email. If you have any query about the above blog or for any other issue, you can connect the best support provider technical team at Hotmail Customer Support Number UK +44-0808-101-2159. This toll free number avails you the best service in the market and will solve your each issue on the spot. Also, you will never regret hiring them to resolve your Hotmail Account issue.