Recover Your Outlook Hacked or Compromised Account

02 Sept 2017

We use emails to do most of our business communications. Our email account contains lot of personal and professional information of ours. Outlook is trusted by most of the users for email communication. But what to do if one day you wake up and realize that your Outlook account got hacked or compromised.

How can Hackers get into my account?

There are various techniques that a hacker uses to get into your Outlook account.

• Malwares- If you are installing a program from internet from a source that is not trusted that there are chances that it includes malwares that logs your keystrokes and searches for your PC saved passwords.
• Attach through Internet sites- If a hacker get into an internet site and steal your information then they can check against other sites to see if you have reused your password.
• Phishing- Hackers send text messages and emails to trick people so they send details about their account data.

How can I recover my hacked account?

You can take guidance from our experts if the following steps couldn’t help you much. You can talk to them on Outlook Support UK.

• The first thing to do is run an antivirus program so that your PC becomes free from malwares and viruses.
• Then change or reset your password. If you can successfully sign in then you can change your password by clicking on security page and selecting Change password.
But if in case you can’t sign in then click on Forgot My Password and then click “I think someone else is using my account”. Then follow the instructions given to recover your password.
• Then reset your account setting as it was used by someone else.
• In case the hacker has deleted your contacts and mails then you can restore them. Select the Deleted Item Folder and then select recover deleted messages.

Protect Your Account for future

• Create a strong password for your account.
• Keep your operating system up to date.
• Never reply to emails that ask for your passwords.
• Have updated antivirus software in your PC.
• Turn on two step verification.
• Always keep a check on your recent activities.

In case your Outlook account got hacked and you are not able to recover it from any above given steps then you can take help from our email experts by dialing Outlook Customer Care Service UK.