Top 5 Canon Printer Issues with their Rectification

04 April 2018

Canon Printer fulfils all your printing needs but you also need to make sure that it works as per the machinery. There is no guarantee that your printing is not giving rise to technical faults. Printer installation or downloading issues, paper jam, connectivity issues etc are such misconceptions that beget your smooth printing performance. In this blog, we have put light on the various issues that come against you while using it. These are mentioned below:

Canon Printer Offline status: Sometimes, your Canon Printer shows that it is offline but when it is actually not. This issue can arrive at any point of time but the main target should be resolving it as soon as possible. Before, proceeding further, you must ensure that your printer is plugged with the power cable into an electrical outlet and then restart your router as there might be some network issue causing this issue to obtain. Restarting your Printer’s Spooler service can be the right step to resolve this issue. But if the issue persists, you have to disable Use Printer Offline feature of your device and cancel down all your incomplete print jobs. Upon receiving this error message again, you can try reinstalling your device software.

Ghosting: it is the term given to the printout in which a much lighter image of the document is likely to be printed somewhere in the resultant. The problem lies in the power outlet that is supplying power to the printer; you can try plugging into the different power outlet. Another reason can be the printer parts such as the drum or imaging kit are ending in their life, you have to replace them to resolve the issue.

Unworthy Print Quality: Print quality is the most important criteria a printer is selected for. You might get print output that is not acceptable in terms of quality conditions. When you got a print that is uneven, smudged or misaligned then it becomes essential to check and reset the printing setting. You must select the right paper size, set print quality at high level and pick up the right layout and border. Or we can say, Set up Canon Printer, in order to fix all your quality issues.

Connectivity Issues: Network connectivity is one such important task we must keep in mind to have best output through your printing device. You might get problems related to improper configuration and settings. Just input SSID or network key properly and check wireless and LAN connections as there is some issue with them.

Driver Installation related Issue: Print drivers must be up-to-date to function more effectively. Just choose the right driver and install it from the official website of the Canon Printer. You can also repair your print driver by following the steps mentioned in printer manual.

You can resolve your problems by following the above procedure, but if the problem still resists, then you can consult the professionals who are skilled at solving your every issue within a short period. Just connect them at Canon Printer Contact Helpdesk in the UK. Avail this worthy service anytime you feel like.